Monday, October 8, 2007

Shocking news you'll never believe

Former Golden Gophers forward Tyler Hirsch is making news again, and -- not surprisingly -- it relates to off-the-ice issues. The Bloomington native was among the first players cut from the Minnesota Wild's training camp this past September, and was reassigned to minor league camp with the Houston Aeros in the AHL. A few days ago, the Aeros issues a press release stating that the team and Hirsch and come to terms on a contract.

However, in an e-mail to and phone interview with the Star Tribune yesterday, Hirsch refuted this claim. Some Hirsch quotes from the Star Tribute article:

"I have neither verbally committed to or signed anything resembling a contract with the Minnesota Wild or their minor-league affiliates. I have never laid eyes on a would-be contract and am currently a free agent."

"I have historically ignored false media regarding myself. I do not intend to continue to do so as it has been damaging to my reputation as a person and hockey career. I ... cannot accept these manipulations of truth to continually be publicly printed about myself. I will personally address those in my communicative circle that may have had anything to do with this misconception."

"Something with [the Wild] down the road may come into fruition, but as of right now, I'm not happy with what transpired the last couple days," Hirsch said.

Wild assistant general manager Tom Lynn stated in the article that Hirsch won't be a part of the Wild / Aeros' future plans.