Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Aaron Marvin article in the Calgary Herald

SCSU freshman-to-be Aaron Marvin recently attended the Calgary Flames summer development camp. This article in the Calgary Herald talks about Marvin, a former Warroad Warrior and third round pick by the Flames in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, and his decision to play college hockey at St. Cloud State as opposed to playing major junior.

WCHA Blog's Take: The article hints that Marvin will turn pro in 2011, but doesn't give much basis for that assumption. Given the fact he was a third round pick, it's unlikely that Marvin will play four years at St. Cloud, but to predict something that will happen four years from now is a little silly.

Let's hope the Flames have more respect for Marvin and the St. Cloud program than they had for former Golden Gopher Kris Chucko, who was reportedly contacted by the Flames multiple times, both during and after his two seasons at Minnesota, urging him to leave Minneapolis and continue his career elsewhere.

If an organization invests a first round pick in a player, they obviously have a lot at stake. But to try and pull the player away from a program during that team's season is in bad taste, especially when in this case, the Flames knew Chucko would be attending Minnesota before they drafted him.