Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2007 U.S. Men’s Select Team roster announced

USA Hockey revealed its roster for the 2007 Deutschland Cup, which will take place from Nov. 8-11, in Hannover, Germany. Several former -- and one current -- WCHA players will participate.

Most of the players on the 2007 United States Men’s Select Team are currently playing in professional leagues in Europe. Of the WCHA players listed, only Mike Carman -- who is a sophomore at Minnesota but ineligible to play for the Gophers until the second semester -- currently plays in the U.S.

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Adam Hauser - Minnesota

Nick Angell - Minnesota
Andrew Canzanello - Colorado College
Brett Hauer - Minnesota Duluth
Andy Hedlund - Minnesota State
Lee Sweatt - Colorado College

Mike Carman - Minnesota
Bryan Lundbohm - North Dakota
David Lundbohm - North Dakota
Tim Stapleton - Minnesota Duluth
Landon Wilson - North Dakota