Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Site News

It seems as though things have calmed a bit in the land of the WCHA, as most teams have their rosters finalized for the upcoming season. With school starting in just a few weeks, I'm sure things will pick up again very soon.

Starting in a little over a week or so, I'll start my WCHA preview for the 2007-08 season. Aside from team-by-team previews, the WCHA Blog will examine:

-WCHA Conference Schedules
-Non-Conference Schedules
-Key Losses from Last Season by Team
-Scoring Losses by Team from Last Season
-Freshmen by Team
-Freshmen by Age and Previous League
-Scoring Breakdown by Class from Last Season
-Top Five Returning Scorers per Team
-NHL Rights by Team

If you have any other suggestions of items you'd like to see covered in the preview, feel free to comment below.