Monday, September 3, 2007

Greene avenges Bina

Most WCHA fans will remember former Denver forward Geoff Paukovich's check from behind on Sioux player Robbie Bina during the 2005 WCHA Final Five. Referee Don Adam called Paukovich for boarding and assessed a two-minute minor penalty, and DU went on to win the game by a 2-1 score. Later in the day, the WCHA gave Paukovich a one-game suspension that was served during the Final Five championship game between Denver and Colorado College (DU won 1-0).

Defensemen Matt Greene was the captain of that Sioux team, and as legend has it, told Paukovich that Greene would some day avenge Bina. Well, according to report, that day happened recently at an Edmonton Oilers conditioning camp. Greene, who has been a regular with Edmonton for a few years now, met up with Paukovich, who was an Oilers' draft pick and left DU this summer, forgoing his senior year.

The following exerp comes from an Oilers message board:

It took a couple of seasons but Matt Greene finally got a shot at Oilers prospect Geoff Paukovich and made the most of it. Here's the deal, back in 2004-05 in the WCHA Final Five, Paukovich playing for the Denver Pioneers crushed Greene's teammate Robbie Bina of North Dakota with an ugly hit that broke Bina's neck. (Bina has since returned to play).

Greene, the Fighting Sioux's captain, exchanged words with Paukovich telling him their would be a day of reckoning at a later date. (Note:this would be the politically correct translation of what was said!).

As you all know you can't fight in College hockey but you can in a conditioning camp. Paukovich now an Oilers prospect showed up at Clare Drake Arena the other day for the U. of A. Conditioning Camp, and Greene of course is an Oilers regular. Greene was late for a session, and the two were slated to be on the same team, when he saw Paukovich in a drill. Greene immediately skated over to Paukovich and told him the day of reckoning had arrived and proceeded to according to onlookers..make short work of Paukovich. The one-sided tilt lasted 15-20 seconds. The two shook hands after the fight.


Bob Stauffer
Team 1260

Of course, Mike Prpich already got a bit of revenge on Paukovich a few years ago: